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Dong Son Tableware Co., Ltd is a specialized company producing global industrial cutlery for big brands of Europe and America such as Sola, Pitinox, Amefa, Berndoft ... .. etc. Over nearly a decade of establishment and development, Dong Son has become one of the leading export A Cutlery Manufacturers in Vietnam

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With a large-scale factory system, modern machinery and equipment, advanced technology investment in the world (Germany, Japan, Korea) and nearly 1,000 employees, a long-time professional and technical team with many experiences. Dong Son Tableware talented employees who always ensure the highest criteria of quality and fine arts standards for the world famous Cutlery brand.

The manufactured products (OEM) in Dong Son Tableware have conquered and affirmed in many markets with the highest quality requirements such as Germany, France, Netherlands, USA, Japan and Korea.

If the needs of the business matching please connect strongly with us and we will go service with conscientiously - carefully - reasonable prices and will enjoy the difference comes from the opportunity this partnership .

Thank you very much and honored to serve!

Contract hotline: 098 791 98 67